Updates for new registration period due to the COVID-19 epidemic:

  • The registration fees for online option are added. Early bird registration (August 1~September 10) has a NTD1000 discount.
  • For those who have registered in early 2020, we reserve your registration.
  • If you have registered and can not attend the conference on the new dates, please email to info@ap-ccn.org about the refund of the registration fee.
  • For those who will graduate and have no student identity on the new conference dates, you can still use a photocopy of your student ID card or the diploma issued in 2020 to register as students. 



All conference participants except for invited speakers should register through the registration system. The system open for registration between August 1st and September 20th, 2020. The participants should arrange accommodation by themselves. A list of recommended hotels is provided in the Information -> Accommodation page.


This conference is mainly organized by the Taiwanese Society for Computational Neuroscience. (台灣計算神經科學學會) Therefore, there is a special discount for the members of this society. The society is for Taiwan residents only. All fees are in Taiwan dollars (NTD).


  • * People who miss the registration in the website registration system can register onsite on September 26th and 27th.

  • The website registration system will be closed and the registration fee is not refundable after September 20th.

  • Those who want to join the banquet on September 26th evening should pay extra NT$750 (~25USD) for it.


Registration & Payment




Due to the accounting issue, the organizer (Taiwan Societu for Computational Neuroscience, TSfCN) uses the chairmen, Dr. Chung-Chuan Lo's account to receive the payments, which will be transferred to TSfCN's account later when it is ready. If you have any question, please contact us at info@ap-ccn.org.

因主辦單位(台灣計算神經科學學會)帳戶作業不及,故委託學會理事長羅中泉先生(國立清華大學 系統神經科學研究所所長)代收此次會議報名款項,未來收據會以學會名義及統編開立。如有任何問題,請洽 info@ap-ccn.org

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 Important Dates

Abstract submissions :
Jun 01, 2020 ~ Jun 30, 2020

Registration :
Aug 01, 2020 ~ Sep 20, 2020

Conference :
Sep 26, 2020 ~ Sep 27, 2020