Key Speeches (in alphabetical order of the last names)

Michael Breakspear (Systems Neuroscience Group, University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia)

Nodes and Modes: Modelling Large-scale NeuralActivity

Yang Dan (Dept. of Molecular & Cell Biology, University of California, Berkeley, USA)

A Motor Theory of Sleep Control

Erik De Schutter
Computational Neuroscience Unit, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University, Japan)

Modeling Synaptic Plasticity: From Physiology to Cell Biology

Shigeyoshi Fujisawa (
Systems Neurophysiology, RIKEN Center for Brain Science, Japan)

Neuronal Encoding of Temporal and Spatial Information in the Hippocampus

Invited Talks (in alphabetical order of the last names)

Ya-Hui Chou (Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan R.O.C.)

Exploring the Impacts of Neural Variability on Network Activities and Decision Making

Jeffrey Erlich (NYU-ECNU Institute of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at NYU Shanghai, China)

A Neural and Computational Basis for Switch-cost: Converging Evidence From Rats and Recurrent Neural Networks

Anmo J Kim (Department of Biomedical Engineering, Hanyang University, Korea)

Feedforward and Feedback Signaling in Drosophila Vision

Cheng-Chang Lien (Institute of Neuroscience, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan R.O.C)

Inter-dentate Gyrus Inhibition Supports Contextual Memory

BT Thomas Yeo (Electrical & Computer Engineering, National University of Singapore, Singapore)

Generative Modeling of Resting-state Dynamics in the Human Brain

Oral Presentations (in alphabetical order of the last names)

Rei Akaishi, Multi-scale Neural Computations and Exploitation/exploration in Human Behaviors

Li-An Chu, 
Super-resolution Imaging Reveal Protein Synthesis in Drosophila Brain

Carlos Enrique Gutierrez, 
Reinforcement Learning by a Biologically Constrained Spiking Neural Model of the Basal Ganglia

Ko Sakai, 
Figure-ground Consistency Across Natural Image Patches in Monkey V4

Gemechu Bekele Tolossa, Diagnosis of ADHD Using Functional Connectome and Machine Learning Techniques

Kai-Yi Wang, Investigating Hippocampal Mossy Cell Circuits That Generate Avoidance Behavior

Poster Presentations (in order of the abstract no.)

0009 Effect of Diverse Recoding of Granule Cells on Optokinetic Response in A Cerebellar Ring Network, Woochang Lim

0010 Cognitively-modulated risk aversion in human decision-making, Yi-Hsin Su

0011 Roles of coordination between stabilizing circuits and updating circuits in spatial orientation working memory, Rui Han

[poster award] 0012 Morphological Classification of Drosophila Neurons by a Cnn Autoencoder, Kai-Yi Hsu

0013 Morpho-physiological Properties of Hippocampal Dentate Granule Cells in the Blm-s Knockout Mice, Chia-Wei Yeh

0014 Temporal expectation signal in the basal forebrain predicts decision speed, Shih-Chieh Lin

[poster award] 0018 Identification of Neuronal Polarity by Node-based Machine Learning, Chen-Zhi Su

[poster award] 0021 A computational model of social observance and cognitive difficulty accounts for development of ownership behavior, Youngjo Song

0022 Evaluating Methods for Predicting Neuronal Connections in Drosophila Brain, Ren Chiuan Wang

0027 Glutamate and GABA co-transmission at the supramammillary-dentate gyrus synapses promotes spike-timing precision and long-term potentiation, Musa Iyiola Ajibola

0028 A spiking neural circuit model of spatial orientation working memory in fruit flies, Hsuan-Pei Huang

0029 The Brain Information Flow Format, Naoya Arakawa

0030 Recurrent Mutual Inhibition Endows a 4-Neuron Circuit with Multi-Functionality via Multiple Cusp Bifurcations, Alexander James White

0031 Towards a qualitative evaluation of biological plausibility for brain-inspired software, Hiroshi Yamakawa

0033 Active Inference: Computational Models of Motor Control without Efference Copy, Manuel Baltieri

0036 Diverse functional repertoire in neural circuit motifs with mutual inhibition, Pei-Hsien Liu

0037 Automated brain region segmentation for fruit fly fluorescent images, Yanling Guo

[poster award] 0038 Mossy Cell Longitudinal Projections Differentially Regulate Granule Cell Activity via Distinct Excitation/Inhibition Balances, Wahab Imam Abdulmajeed

[poster award] 0042 Analysis of neuronal morphology in x-ray synchrotron images of Drosophila melanogaster brains, Ching-Che Charng

0043 A preliminary analysis of motor learning generalization in the mirror drawing task, Pyeong Soo Kim

[poster award] 0044 Understanding the Role of Brain Signal Complexity in Schizophrenia: A Resting-State fMRI Investigation, Yi-Ju Lee

[poster award] 0045 Statistical Modeling of Brains Dynamics in Free-Moving Mice, Yi-Ling Chen

0047 Real-time motion detection in a spiking neural network with the Integer Quadratic Integrate-and-Fire (IQIF) model, Chen-Fu Yeh

0048 In vivo imaging of membrane potential dynamics in populations of CA1 parvalbumin-positive cells during network oscillaiton, Yi-Chieh Huang

[poster award] 0049 Word tonality-conditioned Mandarin singing voice synthesis via a long short-term memory recurrent neural network, Yi-Wen Liu

[poster award] 0052 Using fNIRS and 3-D digitizer to investigate the modality effect in the executive function of working memory, Yu-Shen Wang

0053 Testing object related memory in head fixed model, Tzi-Hsiang Wang

0054 In vivo voltage imaging of deep and superficial CA1 pyramidal cells, Xian-Bin Huang

0055 Deep Learning to Improve Brain Registration by Screening the Brain Morphology Automatically, chaochun chuang

[poster award] 0056 Neuron hubs distributed differently in deep layers and superficial layers in different brain states, Yuzhe Li

0057 Study of social hierarchy in weanling mice, Y-H. Lu

0058 Cadherin 13 Deficiency Impacts the Formation of the Serotonergic System and Cognitive Function, Hsing-Ping Ku

0059 The exploration of intrinsic cognitive load on mathematical problem solving: An event-related potential study, Jing-Fong Wang

0060 Self-similarity of neurons in Strahler order analysis, Pin-Ju Chou

0061 Strahler Order Reveals Hidden Features in Neuronal Morphology, Harrison Hao-Yu Ku

0062 From neuroscience to engineering: a spiking neural network model of dynamic vision based on fruit fly visual system, Cheng-Te Wang

0067 The influence of living partners on the stress resistance and lifespan of Drosophila melanogaster, Rana Adam

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